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Role Description

Mosaic is the student-run, twice-annual literary and visual arts magazine of the Northland College community, an independent tableau for self-expression. As co-editors for Mosaic, you are the means by which the fall and winter semester issues are planned, produced, and distributed.


All NCSP staff are expected to conduct themselves professionally as representatives of the College, be open to conducting independent research and verification alongside staff writers with guidance from the NCSP Director, and collaborating as a team on other publications when necessary.


A Mosaic Editor is responsible for the following duties:


  1. Solicit content uploads to OneDrive from students, alumni, staff, faculty, and community members for inclusion in Mosaic.

  2. Ensure that all contributors complete applicable copyright agreement forms.

  3. Monitor and respond to communications received through in a timely manner, including the reception of submissions.

  4. Advertise as a means to solicit submissions through use of posters, e-mail, word of mouth, etc. Coordinate with Media Specialist to advertise the submission deadline.

  5. Attend monthly all-staff NCSP meetings, and work with Director to propose a yearly budget and production schedule for the publication, along with a series of deadlines.

  6. Meet regularly and work closely in a creative capacity with a co-editor. Negotiate work balance and deadlines with co-editor.

  7. Copy-edit, proofread, and evaluate written submissions, and provide content of your own when necessary (counted as regular work hours).

  8. Communicate to contributors regarding content approval for print, necessary edits, and needs for re-submission in a different format.

  9. Layout and format the publication in a timely fashion in Adobe InDesign.

  10. Finalize the publication and seek feedback from the NCSP Director prior to sending to print.

  11. Other duties as required.


Position Type

This position is a Campus Job funded privately by Academic Affairs and is non-work-study. According to federal law, a student may not work more than 20 hours per week (Sunday through Saturday) across all work-study and campus jobs while classes are in session.


Number of Positions Available

Two positions available.


Location & Hours

Editing can be performed remotely, while layout and formatting must occur within the Office of Student Publications. You will average 10 hours weekly, with an increase proximal to deadlines.


Pay Rate

All NCSP editors begin at a compensation of $10.00 per hour. Each year that you return as a hired member of NCSP you receive a raise of $0.50 per hour.



A Mosaic editor is an enrolled student of Northland College, ideally with a good academic standing and who has provided submissions of high quality for Mosaic in past semesters. They have taken courses in English such as creative writing and poetry, and have taken courses in art, such as graphic design and typography. A Mosaic editor must demonstrate skill in grammar, editing, and proofreading, and be keen to follow the NCSP style-guide. Applicants able to demonstrate knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and intent to develop skills in graphic design, digital photography, and public relations are strongly preferred.


Training and refreshers will be coordinated by the NCSP Director as requested; these are preferences, not qualifications, and anyone who is interested in encouraged to apply!

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