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Northland College Student Publications (NCSP) oversees the creation, publication, and distribution of content reflecting the student voice and experience; we are an independent tableau from which to harness and bring life to community creativity and perspective. The NCSP team as an organization consists of writers, contributors, editors, and managers of their respective entities, and are a division of Northland College Academic Affairs. Content presented on this website and historically is not a reflection of NCSP or defunct entities' beliefs or values, nor of the College or the individual contributor, but rather, are an expression of thoughts had by the community at large. Content not deemed relevant to or sponsored (while never innately endorsed) by NCSP and historically aligned defunct entities of the student body are not presented here, but may be historically relevant for sake of their own independent platform and voice. Editorials and responses to content presented and not presented here as deemed relevant to the NC community by NCSP staff are encouraged and may be eligible for financial compensation from no more than one party when published in Drifts.


Submissions to all publications are accepted from students, faculty, staff, alumni, and all who have ever called the Northland College community "home." Updates on submission deadlines will be posted periodically on the front-page NOTICEBOARD. At present NCSP publishes print copies of Drifts, Slush, Mosaic, and Wedge, but historically has encapsulated a wider breadth, including many defunct publications digitized on this website, others that have yet to be digitized and or located, and a freeform radio station (97.7 WRNC-LP, which is in the process of being resurrected as a novel podcast named Ripple) managed primarily under one of NCSP’s longest-lived former names, NC Communications Commissions (CommComm/ComCom). Further details describing each of these are listed on this page. All aforementioned publications, their predecessors, trajectories and successors, including direct associations, have been absorbed by and will be maintained as assets of the Office of NCSP unless otherwise noted.


This website was founded in the Winter of NC’s 2020-2021 academic year during the COVID-19 pandemic by former Director and P.R. Manager of NCSP, Thyme Masters, as a means to share archived content for easy research access, inspire forthcoming contributions, and connect at a higher and broader level with students, alumni, prospective students, and the Chequamegon Bay community at large. All publications and contents therein published prior to the year 2021 by NCSP/ComCom have assumed the value as intellectual property of the Office of NCSP, as they have been solicited by and published with no express-written qualms nor qualifiers by NCSP/ComCom and their contributors, including when photo credits are explicitly given. NCSP is a discrete and independent platform from the Office of NC Institutional Marketing Communications (OMC) and NC, but are partnered organizations in some respects. Permissions are not granted for site contents to be recaptured or redistributed beyond the confines of this website and original archived materials and are thusly protected by copyright. If patrons of this website believe an error to have been made in this regard or copyright to have been violated, please contact us as StudentPublications@Northland.EDU. All contents published within NCSP publications in the year 2021 and thenceforth are managed under the aegis contracted in the Photograph Licensing, Written Work Contractual, and Paid Staff Agreements found on this website.

All documents on this website have been modified from their original print versions by way of digitization or direct upload of more recent issues. A conscious effort has been made in this regard to capture and afford as similar a viewing experience digitally to each original limited-run print publication as possible, many of which date prior to the advent of the internet and are rare. This means that many pages have been cropped and rotated, as well as representative of multiple copies’ best qualities, and multiple cover types when applicable. If there is something you are unable to view or access easily, believe to be mis-linked, incorrectly dated, named, sorted, or formatted, or that any other mistakes have been made, and you would like to afford us your expertise and advice, please contact us at StudentPublications@Northland.EDU.


An additional objective of this website is in partnership with the Northland College Archives Collection (volunteer-operated) to solicit a supplementation to our materials for our archive collections, both of student publications from throughout history, and anything else deemed relevant to Northland's unique history as an institution. Lists of sought-after materials are located on the _ARCHIVES_ tab and are updated regularly, with details on how to contribute to the NC Archives.


This website has not been wholly optimized for mobile displays or the wide host of monitor sizes, and may therefore not be formatted ideally for your display. Please toggle zooming in and out [CTRL + ; CTRL –] until the horizontal navigation menu is generally centered on your display, and “Request Desktop View” on mobile displays. Also, in order for links to PDFs to work on mobile devices, browser settings will need to be configured to not block pop-ups. Due to the nature of viewing archival PDF documents, please consider using a mouse with a scroll wheel and use of a browser that supports PDF manipulation in the form of side-by-side views when on a desktop display.

The following are more-detailed explanations of our publications of what our publications represent now and historically. The links to the left of each description will take you to that publication's page, housing all known instances of said publication.

Drifts is Northland College's independent newspaper, or voice, and is a primary means by which NCSP may spark desire for growth on campus. Drifts began as a transition from Student Life in what appears to be 1975 and has evolved since, historically including pages dedicated to Student Life content. We strive to maintain journalistic integrity and publish unbiased content demonstrative of a broad spectrum of perspectives, and spark conversation on a bi-weekly basis to this day, despite the College's lack of a journalistic program; our organization acts as the College's journalism educator for interested parties.

Slush, as well as Drips and some instances within Drifts, is NCSP's annual satirical and/or tongue-in-cheek newspaper, printed during May- (formerly spring-) term or as an "April Fools" issue, as a well-earned reprieve from a busy academic year of newspaper production.

Mosaic is a traditional magazine or booklet amalgamation of community-submitted content from throughout its respective semester. Printed twice-annually, formerly once-annually, and seldom lacking, Mosaic formats and prints only the highest quality submissions of literary works, visual arts, and the like, and are intentionally unique and representative of their time. Reportedly, all submissions received by NCSP in a given academic term are presented in defunct Quartile and or Patterns when applicable prior to the selection of Mosaic-worthy content. The first known instance of Mosaic is the Spring 1969 issue, but the concept stems from a resurrection of Chips had in 1967, and missing copies prior to and after this year likely exist, but have yet to be identified.

Wedge is Northland College's annual yearbook, reliant upon submissions from students, faculty, community members, and our partnership with the Office of NC Institutional Marketing, aims to capture the essence of each academic year, largely guided by the director of publications of that time. Release dates, agendas and formats are historically inconsistent, and some years have failed to produce a Wedgebut efforts are being made to maintain its legacy and efficacy. All known editions from the 2015-2016 academic year to present are available on this website, with editions pre-2015 forthcoming but labor intensive to digitize.

Quartile was a quarterly magazine produced as an accompaniment to Mosaic, presenting all submissions had by the academic term's deadline, from what is believed to be Fall 2006 - Fall 2011. Quartile was originally published (Issue 1.1, the missing 1.2, and 1.3) as a PDF on a compact disc, and viewers were encouraged to immediately recycle all materials after viewing, perhaps explanatory for our difficulty in locating them.

Patterns was a quarterly magazine produced as an accompaniment to Mosaic​, presenting all submissions had by the academic term's deadline, from somewhere in the early-1970s through an unknown but likely mid-1970s retirement. The NC Archives and NCSP have only ever observed one copy of Patterns, which is available on the _MOSAIC_ page.

Chips is believed to have begun production in 1939 with an excellent 64-page first edition literary magazine, an essential predecessor to Mosaic. The 1966-1967 issue is the only copy to have been identified, and it is unknown how many others may exist.

FrostFire was the temporary new name of Drifts/the campus newspaper in its early years, "growing pains" spanning 1978-1979, but due to the lack of a numbering system, we are unsure how many exist, and the exact dates of formation and retirement. It is noteworthy that in the first two known issues it is stated that it is a collaborative effort between Drifts and Mosaic, alluding to a potential overlap between the distribution of Drifts and the novel FrostFire.

Student Report was the second generation of temporary new names had by Drifts/the campus newspaper, spanning 1984-1985, and we actually believe to have a copy of all instances of it, but you can never be too certain.

Grindstone was the the third short-lived "new look" for Drifts/the campus newspaper from sometime in 2003-2004, apparently as a response to a dislike of the paper's aesthetic or content in recent years, but with uncertain dates of introduction and retirement as well.

Student Life has experienced varied levels of success since its introduction in 1911. It has existed in a variety of formats and has had a variety of affiliations, and has only in recent years ceased production. Archival copies of Student Life are numerous and labor-intensive to digitize, but we are hopeful they will be forthcoming to this website.

Blue Ox was a quarterly, short humorous magazine introduced in 1926 that experienced a short life-span due to a reliance on voluntary sales, but its date of retirement in unknown. It is not categorized on this website as distinctly satirical, and although parts of it are, it served a different purpose with different intentions than the modern Slush. Reprinting of content was reserved and intended for the national College Humor magazine of Chicago's Collegiate World Publishing, which is wholly defunct as of 1943. Copyright is held by Blue Ox, which has rightly been absorbed as property of NCSP.

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