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The NC Archives have been in operation since 2012 in the attic/penthouse of the Northland College Center for Science and the Environment (CSE). The Archives are entirely volunteer-run and operated, and rely entirely upon the goodwill of donors. The Archives house materials beyond just student publications from throughout history; they are a repository for everything else that is deemed relevant to our unique history as an institution as well, including: documents, artifacts, catalogues, videos, sporting event records, photos of people and places, several art collections, a glass slide collection, a copper collection from the former Northland Industries, records of the campus farm, personal and Greek Life scrapbooks, a music record collection, and several other collections and resources that will prove insightful in researching our campus and the people who have called it home.


Access to and further information regarding the use of the NC Archives is determined on an individual basis, primarily based on the availability of:

Ori-Anne Pagel '69, NC's alumni Archivist, available at; (715) 943-2983, and her supervisor:

Jackie Moore '05, Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving, available at; (715) 682-1811


This page of the NCSP website serves as a collaborative solicitation for supplementation to our archive collections of materials that we lack, as well as an invitation to research and communicate with us.


Making a gift to the Archives is considered a Gift-in-Kind to Northland College and is managed by the Office of Institutional Advancement in partnership with Ori-Anne as a representative of the Northland College Alumni Board. A Gift-in-Kind form is used as a record to collect basic contact information and a general description of the items being donated. We are now affording you the opportunity to print, complete, and return the the Gift-in-Kind form with any gifted items by mail sent to:


Office of Institutional Advancement

C/O Jackie Moore
1411 Ellis Avenue

Ashland, WI 54806


From what we know, the following publications are believed to be missing from both digital and print collections. While all relevant materials (some of which are listed at the end of this page) are accepted as donations to the NC Archives, the following publications are those we believe to exist based on organizational records, but have yet to find in our collection. With the help of alumni from many generations of Northland history, we can improve upon our collections and better understand life across many generations of history.


Anything prior to Issue 7 (January) of Volume XLV: 1976

Possible Issue 12 of Volume XLV: 1976

Issue 5 of Volume XLVI: 1977

Possible Issues 11-12 of Volume XLVI: 1977

Possible Issue 6 of Volume XLVI: 1977

Any at all Issues from 1978

Possible gaps in 1979-1981; no Volume/Issue numbers

Possible Issue 1 of Fall 1981

Possible gaps in 1984; no Volume/Issue numbers

Possible Issues 12-13 of Volume 88: 1999

Possible Issue 13 of Volume 89: 2000

Issue 1 of Volume 91: 2001

Issue 7 of Volume 91: 2001/2002

Issue 1 of Volume 92: 2002

Possible Issue 11 of Volume 92: 2003

Possible Issues 11-12 of Volume 94: 2005

Issue V of Volume XCV: 2007

Issues 1-2 of Volume XCVI: 2007

Possible Issues 6-7 of Volume XCVI: 2008

Possible Issue 8 of Volume XCVII: 2009

Possible Issues 6-8 of Volume XCVIII: 2010

Possible Issue 8 of Volume 99: 2011

Issue 1 of Volume 100: 2011

Possible Issue 8 of Volume 100: 2012

Possible Issues 7-8 of Volume 101: 2013

Possible Issues 7-8 of Volume 104: 2016


Any satirical or tongue-in-cheek instances of Drifts prior

     to and after 1984 up to 2012's Slush

Slush 2013

Slush 2015



Fall 2011

Spring 2010

Fall 2010


Anything from 1993

Spring 1983

Spring 1978

Fall 1973

Fall 1972

Anything from 1971

Fall 1969

Anything prior to 1969


2006/2007 Disk Issue 1.2

Anything after Winter 2011


Any instances of Patterns prior to and after the 1972 issue


Any instances of Chips ever (1939-1969 range likely)


Any instances of Blue Ox


Any instances of Dialect, a publication from the mid-late 1960s focused on philosophy in collaboration with Jim Hoecker and others.

Any instances of Nexus, an unofficial publication from the mid-late 1960s in collaboration with Drew Olim.

The NC Archives and alumni constituents are also seeking the following materials to be entered into our collections:

  • Athletic team records, clippings, photos, uniforms, etc. We currently have sport materials archived by year, but in several cases we are missing stats, rosters, records, etc. We appreciate when photo submissions include the year and a brief description, including names.

  • Materials pertaining to modes of transport to and from the College from throughout history will be sought after and appreciated pertaining to a novel collection tracking and defending how modality and accessibility throughout the years has affected the marketability of the College to the world, as well as the relationship had with Ashland, WI. These modes of transport include passenger train time tables, maritime records, Greyhound and Indian Trails bus lines, B.A.R.T. bus lines within town, records of the Ashland airport, and ride-sharing programs among students that reduced the number of transports for student travel. 

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