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NCSP is always looking for new and creative ways for students to engage in their communities...

  • If there's something you'd like to see happen, let us know and get involved!

  • If there's a position you're interested in, click the link below to find out more and apply!

    • Even if a position is currently filled, we're still happy to hear from you, and will be in touch.

  • Submit freelance content to Drifts for a $15.00 stipend - any subject, any time.

  • Submit your literary and visual art to Mosaic and you have a chance of being published.

  • Submit photos and ideas to Wedge to be featured in our yearbook.

  • Coordinate with our Ripple manager to get involved with our podcast.

All contributors to NCSP are required to complete the relevant copyright agreement below. Please download, sign, and e-mail to StudentPublications@Northland.EDU or re-upload it to us here.

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