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Role Description

The NCSP Media Specialist is responsible for attending and photographing various events on and off campus, managing the NCSP photo repository, and working closely with the Podcast Production Manager and NCSP editors to ensure that deadlines and needs are met and that the community feels adequately represented in NCSP content. The Media Specialist supports the NCSP Director in interfacing with various campus constituents, manages our social media presence, and updates as appropriate.


All NCSP staff are expected to conduct themselves professionally as representatives of the College, be open to conducting independent research and verification alongside staff writers with guidance from the NCSP Director, and collaborating as a team on other publications when necessary.


The NCSP Media Specialist is responsible for the following duties:


  1. Attend and photograph events on and off campus as assigned.

  2. Interface with NCSP editors to ensure that media required is available on schedule.

  3. Manage the NCSP photo repository and asset library to ensure media is organized, available, and accessible to editors.

  4. Work closely with the Podcast Production Manager to determine topics of interest in the community.

  5. Assist the Podcast Production Manager with recording and organizational tasks.

  6. Seek feedback from students, staff, and faculty on podcast and publication quality and encourage involvement.

  7. Manage and publicize the NCSP social media presence, including Instagram and auto-forwarding to Facebook, as well as other platforms as desired and deemed relevant by the NCSP team.

  8. Update the homepage with event and deadline details.

  9. Work with NCSP editors and Podcast Production Manager to solicit finalized publications and podcasts, and upload them to and other streaming platforms.

  10. Promotes and maintains visibility and presentation of

  11. Send e-mails to subscribed constituents when new content releases.

  12. Work with NCSP editors to solicit advertisements from local businesses in publications.

  13. Attend monthly all-staff NCSP meetings, help determine yearly budgets and production schedules.

  14. Other duties as required.


Position Type

This position is a Campus Job funded privately by Academic Affairs and is non-work-study. According to federal law, a student may not work more than 20 hours per week (Sunday through Saturday) across all work-study and campus jobs while classes are in session.


Number of Positions Available

One position available.


Location & Hours

Most work can be completed remotely and digitally, but some work will need to occur within the Office of Student Publications. Must be willing to coordinate schedules with several editors and podcast production manager to ensure deadlines are met and media is where it needs to be. You will average 10 hours weekly.


Pay Rate

All NCSP staff begin at a compensation of $10.00 per hour. Each year that you return as a hired member of NCSP you receive a raise of $0.50 per hour.



The NCSP Media Specialist is an enrolled student of Northland College, ideally with a good academic standing. They have interest in high-quality media, media accessibility, audio and visual dissemination. They have demonstrated proficiency with photography and meeting deadlines and are keen to learn more and develop professional skills in the area of media creation, use, and means of advertising. They can demonstrate a basic understanding of photo doctoring and use of a high-quality camera. Applicants able to demonstrate knowledge of Audacity or Adobe Audition are strongly preferred, as are those with a basic knowledge of Adobe InDesign and database organization.


Training and refreshers will be coordinated by the NCSP Director as requested; these are preferences, not qualifications, and anyone who is interested in encouraged to apply!

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