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Role Description

Drifts is the student-run, bi-weekly newspaper of the Northland College community, an independent forum for in-depth news, events, opinions and ideas. Applicants are expected to conduct themselves professionally as representatives of the College, and be open to conducting independent research with guidance from staff editors and the NCSP Director.


A Drifts Contributing Writer will be responsible for the following duties:

Complete three short articles (400-700 words) for each publication. Provide related photographs for each article as applicable. Article subjects are up to your own discretion but must be of high quality and applicable to some spectrum of the community. Journalistic pursuits of news on campus and in the Chequamegon Bay community are preferred. Editors will be available to assign and help develop stories/articles, as well as edit and discuss content with you. Deadlines will be communicated as applicable.

Position Type

This position is an independent stipend-based position funded privately by Academic Affairs and is non-work-study. This position is exempt from a student’s otherwise 20-hour cap across other work-study and campus jobs.


Number of Positions Available

Drifts retains an average of 7 staff writers. Drifts also accepts freelance contributions from everyone.


Location & Hours

Work is completed and submitted remotely. Mandatory meetings between contributing writers and Drifts editors will occur over MS Teams at least twice a month.


Pay Rate

Stipend of $70.00 for each issue of Drifts to which you have provided all required content by the applicable deadline.



This position is available to anyone who is interested in being involved with Northland College Student Publications (NCSP), gaining experience as a published writer, and disseminating content about goings-on and personal passions in the NC and Chequamegon Bay community. No experience is required; guidance will be provided by editors. Preference will be given to those who have contributed  high-quality content in past semesters to any NCSP publication and are keen to expand their involvement.

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