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Role Description

All NCSP staff are expected to conduct themselves professionally as representatives of the College, be open to conducting independent research and verification alongside staff writers with guidance from the NCSP Director, and collaborating as a team on other publications when necessary.


The Director of Student Publications is responsible for the following duties:


  1. Provide final oversight to all student publications and podcasts, including Drifts/Slush, Mosaic, Wedge, and Ripple. Ensure for quality content and design.

  2. Manage public relations for NCSP, including oversight of, uploading and distributing new publications, and advertising vacancies in NCSP staffing.

  3. Direct and coordinate each of the aforementioned entity’s proceedings and support their efforts, in addition to hiring, firing, and guiding professionalism.

  4. Assist publication editors in duties as required; proficiency with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop help facilitate this role and trainings, as does knowledge of audio broadcasting software.

  5. Work closely with publication editors, podcast production manager, and media specialist to create and ensure deadlines.

  6. Monitor and respond to communications received through, which includes being CC’d on all publication and podcast correspondence.

  7. Host monthly all-staff and publication-specific meetings. Attend writer meetings when possible.

  8. Manage and advise the NCSP budget in coordination with the NCSP faculty advisor, Northland College President and CFO. Keep track of expenses, submit check requests, authorize invoices to the Business Office, and ensure staff are paid in a timely fashion.

  9. Maintain consistent communication with the NCSP faculty advisor and printing entities.

  10. Serve as the mediator between editors and their respective printing companies.

  11. Promote communication and opportunities for published expression to the student body

    1. Act as a liaison between publication editors and other campus entities to publicize work that NCSP is producing.

    2. Organize and hold contests and events that promote creativity in the field of communications (e.g. writing contents, release parties, open mics) for the NC community.

    3. Work to organize and promote events such as creative writing, professional writing, and artistic workshops.

    4. Update the NCSP website with new content and updates regularly, make effective synchronous postings, and digitize more archived content for upload.

  12. Communicate frequently with the Director of NC Advancement/Marketing and Director of Alumni Relations to promote contributions from and conversations with alumni, faculty, staff, and the greater Chequamegon Bay community.

  13. Capable of self-directing in a professional manner, coordinating with staff, communicating consistently and in a strong manner, including delegation of some of the aforementioned tasks to eager staff.

  14. Keen to grow and maintain the legacy of NCSP as an asset to the community. This position comes with tremendous recognition and authority, and as the chief of operations, you are one of the most recognizable representatives of the College in your time.


Position Type

This position is a Campus Job funded privately by Academic Affairs and is non-work-study. According to federal law, a student may not work more than 20 hours per week (Sunday through Saturday) across all work-study and campus jobs while classes are in session.


Number of Positions Available

One position available.


Location & Hours

The NCSP Director is responsible for the maintenance and oversight of all functions performed and afforded in, as well as organization of, the Office of Student Publications, Mead Hall rooms 233 & 235 and the joint Athletics-NCSP Mead Hall recording studio. This position will inevitably require dedication, perhaps only this position, as the hours are often numerous.


Pay Rate

All NCSP staff begin at a compensation of $10.00 per hour. Each year that you return as a hired member of NCSP you receive a raise of $0.50 per hour.



The NCSP Director is a non-freshman, enrolled student of Northland College with a good academic standing. They have worked in an official capacity for NCSP for at least one semester, demonstrating general familiarity with all publications and their functions.


Training and refreshers will be coordinated by the NCSP Director as requested; these are preferences, not qualifications, and anyone who is interested in encouraged to apply!

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